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About Delight Dental Spa
Delight Dental Spa is a place where you experience care and sincerity. Your comfort and positive experience are the whole team's priority. We want it to feel more like a spa than a dental office. That's why we focus on all the little things.
Transform your smile and live your best life

​Have you always dreamed of updating your smile to radiate a brighter, more confident version of yourself? Our team of dental experts are dedicated to delivering cosmetic dental treatments that will bring out the best in your appearance. We frequently treat patients with a range of dental problems, including:

  • • Stained and off-colour fillings
  • • Gapped or crowded teeth
  • • Chipped teeth
  • • Worn or disfigured teeth
  • • Narrow smile

Dr. Bishoy Philobos and Dr. Alice Hoang will create a custom-made treatment plan to initiate your smile transformation. Their key strengths lie in striking the perfect balance of facial and oral elements and creating a smile that’s natural, long-lasting and stain resistant. 

There are many different cosmetic dental treatments that can be utilised to improve your smile with treatment of a single tooth or a more extensive smile makeover that involves a combination of different procedures.

Trial your smile with our ground-breaking 3D technology

To offer predictability that dental cosmetics will improve the appearance of your smile, Dr. Bishoy and Dr. Alice provide their patients with an interactive digital smile design process. This allows you to preview your new smile before you begin treatment. They will guide you in selecting your ideal tooth shape and aesthetics and use our computer modelling technology to provide you with virtual photos of your new smile.

To make sure you’re 100% certain you’d like to go ahead with the treatment, we can also utilise our sophisticated 3D digital smile design technology to create a wearable smile-trial that can be fitted directly on to your teeth without any damage. This will allow you to experience how your new smile will look and feel in reality. Once you’ve selected a new smile, it usually only takes two appointments to complete the transformation.

Achieve your best smile with custom-made porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers deliver superior results for patients who want to achieve the ultimate natural-looking smile transformation. Our dentists at Delight Dental Spa use handcrafted porcelain veneers that resemble all the nuances of natural teeth such as the way they absorb and reflect natural light.

The procedure involves bonding very thin porcelain shells to the front surface of your teeth, creating a straighter, natural-looking smile you’ll absolutely love.

Benefits our porcelain dental veneers

Natural appearance
Aesthetic: Covers chips, cracks and discolouration
Minimal modification to natural tooth structure
Long-lasting and stain-resistant
Robust and durable
Before Cosmetic Dentistry in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa
After Cosmetic Dentistry in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa
Before Cosmetic Dentistry in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa
After Cosmetic Dentistry in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa

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Our Unique Spa Experience

At Delight Dental Spa we’ve added many small touches to create a serene environment that complements everything we do to ensure your conform.

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Quiet Machinary
Streaming on TV
Gentle Equipment
Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Tea and Coffee on Arrival

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