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The perfect balance of comfort and cutting edge techniques

At Delight Dental Spa we continually strive to reinvent the way you go to the dentist. We believe everyone deserves a relaxed, gentle and innovative experience, regardless of the length of your appointment or the type of treatment you are receiving.

From the moment you walk in to Delight Dental you will be treated to a unique spa experience, which includes massage dental chairs, noise cancelling headphones, soothing music and various pain relief options. Even the most anxious patients will be amazed at how seamless and stress free visiting the dentist can be. With top-notch customer service and treatments performed by experts using the latest industry-acclaimed techniques and technology, we promise you peace of mind knowing your smile is in the best hands.

Dr. Bishoy Philobos

Dr. Bishoy is dedicated to making sure your experience with him is comfortable, gentle and as pain free as possible.

Known for his compassion and ability to understand the individual needs of his patients, he is meticulous about making sure he clearly outlines each treatment option and addresses all your questions and concerns. With training and accreditations received in Australia and internationally,

Dr Bishoy continually strives to strengthen his skills and knowledge as a dental expert and stay current with cutting-edge industry trends and innovations.  Aside from everyday, high quality dentistry, Dr Bishoy’s niche areas are:

– Replacing missing teeth using dental implantsSmile Makeovers using Porcelain Veneers and crowns

– Restoring worn and breaking down teeth

Stabilising dentures or replacing them using dental implants.

Dr. Alice Hoang

Dr. Alice believes that everyone deserves to love the way they look, and has helped countless patients regain confidence and  proudly show off their smiles. Dr. Alice’s attention to detail and caring nature will make you feel at ease knowing you’re in the best hands possible. She is committed to furthering her training and education to be able to offer patients the latest techniques in dentistry and works to develop a personalised and effective dental care plan tailored to each of her patients.  Dr. Alice’s niche areas are:

– Invisalign and braces

– Cosmetic dentistry, especially porcelain veneers

– Cosmetic Injectables

Come in and experience the Delight Dental difference

We’ll create a customised dental care plan based on your dental history, expectations and concerns. From general check-ups and cleaning to more in-depth procedures, we treat every patient with the same care, kindness and respect they deserve. Conveniently located within walking distance from Mascot train station and with free on-site parking, we want to make your experience with us as smooth as possible.

The Spa Experience & removing barriers

We go above and beyond to make sure we make your visit as enjoyable and pain free as possible. Our mission is to transcend the negative connotations of visiting the dentist and create a luxurious environment that helps you overcome the obstacles holding you back from achieving the face and smile you’ve always wanted.   

Massage Chair
All of our treatment rooms are equipped with top-of-the-line dental massage chairs for maximum comfort. Sit back, relax and let your worries melt away.
All of our treatment rooms...
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Quiet Machinary
Experience a Zen-like atmosphere while we work on your smile. We use innovative machinery that minimises noise so you can stay relaxed.
Experience a Zen-like atmo...
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Streaming on TV
Need a distraction during your appointment? Each room is set up with a TV so you can stream your favourite show or movie.
Need a distraction during ...
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Gentle Equipment
We want to make sure your appointment is as pain free as possible. We use gentle, state-of-the-art equipment for all of our treatments to minimise discomfort.
We want to make sure your ...
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Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Transport yourself to a place of ultimate relaxation with Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Listen to soothing music or enjoy a movie to pass the time.
Transport yourself to a pl...
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Tea and Coffee on Arrival
Take a moment to unwind before your appointment and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee while you wait.
Take a moment to unwind be...
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The Wand
An alternative solution to injections, the wand is a completely pain-free computer-controlled injection used for local anaesthesia.
An alternative solution to...
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Before we begin any type of treatment, our dentists will take the time to discuss the most suitable pain management solutions for you.
Before we begin any type o...
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Anxious Patients
Before we begin any type of treatment, our dentists will take the time to discuss the most suitable pain management solutions for you.
Before we begin any type o...
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Payment Options and Insurance Information

We’re dedicated to consistently delivering top-quality treatments, first-class comfort and outstanding customer service. While we strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible, our rates reflect the exceptional experience you can expect every you visit us. Our fees are aligned with the national averages of the ADA national fee survey.

Flexible Payment Plans

We want everyone to be able to access our premium dental treatments and luxurious dental spa experience and have various payment plan options available so that you can enjoy your new smile today. Some of our options include:

– Afterpay
– Zip Money
– Denticare
– Total Lifestyle Credit



New Patients

From the moment you walk in, we want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident that you have chosen a dental clinic you can completely trust. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee whilst you provide us with your information on our iPad form.

When you go in to see the dentist, you’ll have a face-to-face chat about your goals and before any type treatment is carried out, we will explain how it works, different pain management options, costs and other important information. This is the perfect opportunity for you to voice any questions and concerns you may have. At Delight Dental Spa you can be 100% confident that you’re not going to get any unwanted surprises – no extra fees, hidden costs or unnecessary appointments.  

Then, you’ll see your dentist for a consultation in a comfortable sitting area before we ask you to sit in the dental chair. We’ll discuss treatment options, costs and decide how you’d like to get started.