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Treat your wisdom teeth with the
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When wisdom teeth hurt,

it’s time to get smart

Wisdom teeth can really, really hurt. Whether they’re impacted or infected, you know all about it when something’s not right back there. 

The smart thing to do at the first sign of pain is get help right away. Delaying treatment means risking nastier consequences. Infections or cysts can destroy your jawbone, damage your gums, or even cause you to lose neighbouring teeth. 

The best solution in many cases is removal, but to make that decision you need proper assessment, not guesswork. 

At Delight Dental Spa, we use the latest technology to map your teeth and bone in 3D, and help you make the best choice. And we offer the highest standard of care for quick and comfortable removal.

Experts in removing wisdom tooth worries

People are often nervous about wisdom teeth removal but we are here to change that.

Advanced technology means we can spot potential problems early
The latest techniques make treatment quick, comfortable and predictable
Practically pain-free anaesthetic options and happy gas means you don’t have to stress

Take care of your wizzies then get back to
enjoying life

The question we get asked the most about wisdom teeth is ‘Do I have to have them removed?’

There are two answers: 1. Not always and 2. Having them out isn’t nearly as scary as you might think. 

If you’re worried because you’re experiencing pain or a weird taste in the back of your mouth, come in and see us. We use outstanding technology to see exactly what needs to be done. 

And if removal is the best option, we have almost pain-free anesthetic option and happy gas to get you through in comfort.

Wisdom teeth removal process

Three steps to feeling better:

Easily book your appointment online at a time that suits you
Come in for x-rays and discuss treatment options and costs
If removal is right for you, sleep through it in total comfort and go back to pain-free living

Wisdom teeth removal consultation cost
From $60

We accept all major health funds and HICAPS is available for on-the-spot rebates.

We want everyone to be able to benefit from quality dental care in our luxurious spa environment. So we offer various payment plan options to allow you to get the care you need, when you need it.

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Have a question about wisdom teeth at Delight Dental Spa?

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are molars (back teeth). They are the last teeth to emerge, and usually come out in early adulthood. Most people have four wisdom teeth, but some people have fewer and others have none. It’s extremely common for people to experience issues as their wisdom teeth emerge.

How can I tell if mine need to be removed?

Wisdom tooth pain can be caused by a few different things, such as overcrowding, bacterial infections, or impaction - which is when the tooth stays below the surface of the gum. You may have headaches, a gum ‘flap’, a cyst on your gums or sores from teeth rubbing against your cheeks. Not all wisdom teeth need removing but if you have soreness around that lasts a few days or a bad taste in your mouth, you should get checked immediately.

How many days off will I need?

Most people recover fully in three or four days but if your wisdom teeth were severely impacted, it may take a week. We use state of the art techniques to relieve your pain quickly and get you better fast. 

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