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Need a filling?
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Get great care without the scare.

When you find out you need a tooth filling, a lot of things can go through your mind. Will it hurt? Will it be expensive? What happens if I leave it?

It’s true that you shouldn’t leave a cracked or chipped tooth alone. The longer you delay care, the more complex it will be to repair, and the higher the risk of infection and other problems. 

The fact is, it can be a stressful situation, you want to be confident you’re in good hands. 

Delight Dental Spa offers something completely unique; expert treatment, and a thoroughly different experience of going to the dentist. 

Feel wonderfully relaxed thanks to in-chair massage, Netflix, noise-cancelling headphones and aromatherapy.

Get your tooth fixed, and your ‘Flix fix at the same time.

Getting a filling here is a completely different experience.

Catch up on your fave Netflix series with noise-cancelling headphones in the chair
Aromatherapy, Nespresso coffee and T2 teas make your visit super-comfy
Easy online booking system and plenty of appointments available

Know you’re getting precision and convenience

Fillings are common, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same.

Get treatment that’s customised to you and suits your needs.

We use tooth-coloured fillings that blend right in with your natural teeth and the latest CEREC CAD/CAM technology means no messy impressions and even large fillings can be done on the same day.

Tooth filling procedure

Three steps to protecting your smile

We gently remove the part of the tooth that is damaged and clean the area thoroughly
For small areas: a composite tooth coloured filling is applied directly in the same appointment
For larger fillings, we use the latest technology to mill a filling in our  premises on the same day

How much does a Dental filling cost?
From $200

We accept all major health funds and HICAPS is available for on-the-spot rebates.

We want everyone to be able to benefit from our premium treatments and luxurious dental spa experience. So we offer various payment plan options to allow you to get the care you need or start enjoying your new smile today.

New patient information guide

Get all the information you need on pricing, health funds and the application process for our flexible payment plans.

Price list
Health funds
New patient form
Dental Payment plan options
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