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Oral health is often regarded as an entity of its own, but it’s more closely connected to your general health than you realise. Each day, more connections are made linking poor oral health, specifically gum health, to a weakened immune system and the risk of serious illness. 

Gum disease, (periodontitis) wreaks havoc in the mouth. But that’s not where it stops. In this blog post, we tell you about the link between gum health and the immune system. Our experienced Delight Dental Spa Dentists also share some handy tips on what you can do to improve your gum health.  

So, What Does Gum Health Have to Do with The Immune System?

In short, the link between gum health and the immune system is the bacteria that is found in your mouth.

Our mouths are a breeding ground for bacteria. A good dental hygiene routine can help keep these bacteria at bay. But failing to brush and floss correctly can result in the bacteria building up very quickly. This leads to gum disease.

Gum disease creates open wounds in your mouth that are an access point for bacteria to enter your bloodstream. The presence of bacteria in your bloodstream promotes an immune response from our bodies. Whilst the short-term effect is not severe, the prolonged presence of bacteria in your bloodstream and your body’s ongoing immune response to it can cause other health problems.

A study showed that up to 22.9% of the Australian population have moderate to severe periodontitis. Considering its link to the immune system and consequent risk to severe illnesses such as osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes, this is an alarming statistic. 

Gum Health in Mascot

Key Tips for Improving Your Gum Health

Luckily, there are ways to prevent and even reverse gum disease, benefiting your immune system and overall health. Dr Alice and Dr Bishoy have a few key gum health tips for you: 

– Brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste

– Floss daily

– Have regular professional dental cleans.

– If you have gum disease, you might benefit from using a mouth rinse daily.

– Drink plenty of water 

How Delight Dental Spa Can Help You

When it comes to gum disease, prevention is always easier than cure. That’s why at Delight Dental Spa, we make sure you’re empowered to keep your gums healthy and your immune system strong. 

All of our patients benefit from a tailored oral hygiene plan. This includes our dentists showing you which cleaning products best suit your situation and how to use them most effectively.

Combining our dentists’ gentle touch with Swiss cleaning technology means that your 6-monthly cleans will be very comfortable. Our patients enjoy the great fresh feeling of clean teeth without their gums feeling beaten and battered afterwards. 

Final Words

If you suspect that you have gum disease, it’s important to seek out help at your local family dentist as soon as possible.

Gum disease, when caught in its tracks, is much easier to resolve than when it’s left to develop into severe periodontitis. Look out for signs such as bad breath, gums that bleed when you brush or floss, and red or swollen gums.

If you’d like expert advice regarding your gum health, Dr Bishoy and Dr Alice at your family dentist in Mascot are here for you! Contact us to make an appointment.