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Sleep dentistry makes going to the dentist a dream

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Need dental care,

but afraid of going to the dentist?

If you are thinking about sleep dentistry, you may be one of the many people who feel extremely anxious at the dentist. Perhaps you avoid booking appointments even when you know you need one.

And if you need dental care, leaving it longer usually means it gets worse. Which just makes you more scared of getting treatment, as your worry that it will be painful and scary grows. 

You are right about the first part: dental treatment should never be delayed. But you are wrong about the second.

With sleep dentistry, you can trust your visit will be completely pain and stress-free. Believe it or not, it will be peaceful and relaxing. 

You won’t even know you’re at the dentist.

No-one understands your anxiety better than us

Delight Dental Spa was designed with one aim: to soothe and relax people who - like us - had never felt comfortable at the dentist before. Our environment is totally geared for your relaxation. And we offer sleep dentistry so you can drowse through your appointment in dreamy peace.

Sleep peacefully in the chair and forget your fear of coming to the dentist forever
Fully qualified and highly experienced care so you can feel completely safe
We tailor sedation solutions to suit you perfectly

Sleep dentistry means
forgetting your fears

There are two ways we can help you get the dental care you need while enjoying peaceful relaxation.

Twilight sedation allows you to drift off completely during treatment. You won't feel or remember a single thing. You will wake up feeling like you just went to sleep a moment ago, and your treatment will be complete.

Otherwise known as IV sedation or sleep dentistry, this is a wonderful solution for people who suffer major anxiety about the dentist, or for procedures like wisdom teeth removal or dental implants.

Nitrous oxide, or happy gas, is terrific for patients who are a little anxious. It gives you a sense of comfort and wellbeing. It can be used for any treatment, and you will still be fine to drive home afterwards.

Sleep dentistry process

Three steps to feeling better:

Easily book your appointment online at a time that suits you
Come meet us, and get familiar with our superbly soothing environment
No treatment on first visits lets us understand your fears and find the perfect solution

Sleep dentistry cost
From $120

We accept all major health funds and HICAPS is available for on-the-spot rebates.

We understand exactly what it’s like to need dental care but be too afraid to seek it, so we want to make sure our sleep dentistry solutions and top quality treatments are available without adding financial stress. 

Various payment plan options are available to allow you to get the care you need without anxiety, today.

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Have a question about sleep dentistry at Delight Dental Spa?

Is sleep dentistry safe?

Sleep dentistry is very safe for the vast majority of patients. If you have an allergy to anaesthesia you should let us know and we will find another solution for you.

How do I deal with dental phobia?

Dental phobia can be caused by a traumatic event, or it can develop over time. If you suffer dental phobia, you may go to extreme lengths to avoid going to the dentist. Sleep dentistry is an excellent option, because you are completely relaxed and unaware that you are even at the dentist as you receive the dental care you need. Sleep dentistry can break the cycle of shame and avoidance caused by dental phobia and get you back on track to great oral health. 

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