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Rejuvenate your appearance and give your self-confidence the ultimate boost

Are you unhappy with your discoloured or stained teeth? Perhaps you have a big event coming up, such as a wedding, public speaking appearance or a job interview?

 Teeth Whitening is an affordable and convenient solution to boosting your confidence and achieving a sparkling set of teeth to show off to the world. This popular dental treatment is simple and can make all the difference when it comes to freshening up your appearance and putting your best face forward.

 Professional teeth whitening removes common stains that are caused by food build up, tea, coffee and tobacco use. At Delight Dental, we can help you brighten your teeth up to eight shades and offer dental whitening solutions suitable for adults of all ages.

Flexible teeth whitening solutions that deliver sparkling results

Our safe and reliable teeth whitening treatments are designed to help you get rid of unappealing stains and discolouration. We offer two affordable options to choose from.

Take-Home Whitening Kit

Our dental experts create custom-made dental trays which are taken home and worn with a premium whitening gel for 30 minutes per day over the course of two weeks. We also provide desensitising gel to ease any sensitivity that some patients may experience during the teeth whitening process.

Before and after

Before Teeth Whitening in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa
After Teeth Whitening in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa
Before Teeth Whitening in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa
After Teeth Whitening in Mascot, Sydney | Delight Dental Spa

In-office Power Bleaching

For smokers and tea, coffee or wine drinkers, you may require a little extra attention to achieve your desired teeth brightness. Our in-office power bleaching treatment is performed on site and lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours.   Our dental experts use an effective combination of 40% hydrogen peroxide gel and gum barrier to lift stains and discolouration from the teeth. This is followed by a 2-week take-home treatment (as described above).

Not sure which cosmetic teeth whitening option will suit you best?

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Our Unique Spa Experience

At Delight Dental Spa we’ve added many small touches to create a serene environment that complements everything we do to ensure your conform.

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