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Preventative family orthodontics for happy and healthy smiles

Prevention is key when it comes to dentistry, and this especially rings true when it comes to children orthodontics. We recommend every child completes an oral assessment by the age of seven to review facial growth, abnormalities and orthodontic condition. Common childhood dental conditions around this age can include:

  • •  jaw misalignment
  • •  crowding
  • •  spacing
  • •  protruding teeth
  • •  extra teeth
  • •  missing teeth
  • •  ​jaw growth issues

Early treatment decreases the chances of children needing further orthodontic treatment that stretches into adolescence and even adulthood, saving a large amount of time and money. Early treatment results in more positive outcomes, with well-proportioned jaws and facial harmony, often without the removal of any teeth.

Gentle orthodontic treatment plans suited to children of all ages

Taking children to the dentist is no easy task. The experience can be daunting, especially at the initial appointments where everything is unfamiliar. Dr. Alice has worked with children of all ages and is an expert at utilising anxiety-reducing techniques to make each consultation as relaxing as possible.

If your child requires orthodontics, Dr. Alice will work with you both to create a custom orthodontic care plan that clearly outlines each step of treatment, including cost, duration of treatment and the number of visits required.

To book an oral assessment for your child or find out further information, give us a call on (02) 9167 3973.

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