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Pain-free Dental Care at Delight Dental Spa

Happy, smiling family with three childrenIf you’ve ever had a filling, you probably remember the greatest source of discomfort coming from the injection you received and the hours of numbness afterwards. Fortunately at Delight Dental Spa, we offer painless anaesthetic delivery that provides enhanced comfort without the lingering side effects, thanks to The Wand®.

The Wand: How It Works

The Wand local anaesthesia delivery uses gentle infiltration technology to numb the immediate area around a specific tooth. This process prevents the need to numb the entire nerve (and consequently, the side of your face). It’s delivered quickly and painlessly, as the gums are already desensitised with a gentle numbing gel.

Anaesthetic effects from The Wand last for a few hours at a time. This window provides us with more than long enough to complete any necessary treatment.

Still nervous about having your tooth worked on? Our gentle dentistry team can add happy gas to your appointment at any time!

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Addressing common problems like tooth decay earlier allows us to place smaller and less-invasive restorations. When you feel comfortable with the care you’re receiving, you can have your treatment completed sooner, before your dental infection advances into a more complex need.

With The Wand, we’re able to gently treat cavities, restore teeth and manage gum disease without the ongoing soreness and numbness seen with traditional dental injections. The anaesthesia delivery is infiltrated via a particular computer, for the gentlest experience possible.

Comfortable Care

We strive to be the gentlest dentist you’ve ever seen! Understanding your oral health needs begins with getting to know you as an individual. By you sharing your concerns and goals with us, we can better aim to make your pain-free dentistry experience a reality.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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