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Our Services

The team at Delight Dental Spa has the knowledge and experience to provide a broad array of dental solutions. We are pleased to meet the needs of all ages in our community, from children to senior citizens. Learn more about our offering below!

An Experience Like You’ve Never Had Before

We believe that going to the dentist can be relaxing and enjoyable. Our team will strive to provide you with a pleasant visit each time that you see us. From the moment you step in and smell our aromatherapy, to our massaging dental chairs and a warm and welcoming staff, we’ve thought through each step to make sure that your happiness is at the forefront of everything we do.

You won’t need to feel concerned about discomfort, either. Our state-of-the-art technology includes The Wand. The wand is much more comfortable than conventional anaesthetic injections. It delivers the anaesthetic with minimal pressure and in most cases, the patient does not have a numb lip as it can contain the anaesthetic to the tooth being numbed. Happy gas can also be used during your procedure to eliminate your anxieties.

Learn More Today

If you’re due for a dental visit or have a specific goal in mind that you’d like to achieve with your smile or the way you look, we’re here to help you. Contact our friendly, helpful team today by phone or email to schedule your first appointment at our practice! We accept insurance funds and participate with National Dental Plan so that you can arrange a flexible payment plan when necessary.


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