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How much does Invisalign cost?

If you’ve been thinking about treating your teeth to some TLC and straightening up that smile, chances are you’ve heard of Invisalign. These virtually invisible aligners are now one of the most popular methods of teeth straightening thanks to their discreet appearance and flexibility.

Sounds like an ideal option so far, right? But before you sink your teeth in (pardon the pun, we had to!), you’re probably thinking: “Ok, how much will Invisalign cost me?”

When it comes to the average cost of Invisalign in Australia, you can typically expect to pay between $3,500 and $8,500. But keep in mind the actual cost of Invisalign treatment can only be determined by having a consultation with your dentist. 

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What factors will impact the cost of Invisalign?

Just like any dental treatment, your total Invisalign price is based on a number of factors, such as:

  • The complexity of your case
    During your consultation, your dentist will assess how much your teeth need to move. They will look at issues such as crowding, spacing and bite correction, and determine the best approach to straighten that gorgeous smile. If you only need minor realignment, your treatment time will be shorter and less expensive. But if your case is more severe, your treatment will be more complex, take longer and cost more.

  • How long your treatment will take
    Your Invisalign treatment could take anywhere between a few months up to a few years. During this time, you’ll be making regular in-person visits to your dentist so they can monitor your progress and make sure your teeth are moving safely. These follow-up visits are factored into the overall cost of your Invisalign treatment. Naturally, longer treatments or more complex treatments require more follow-up visits, meaning higher costs.

  • How many aligners you will need
    During your treatment, your dentist will give you new aligners roughly every one to two weeks. Each new set of aligners will have a slightly different shape to help gradually move your teeth into the correct position. The cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on how many sets of aligners you’ll need to achieve your dream smile.

  • The expertise of your Invisalign dentist
    Straightening your teeth is a pretty major procedure — both physically and financially. It’s something you really want to get right the first time. This is why it pays to work with an experienced dentist for your Invisalign treatment. Delight Dental Spa are Platinum Elite Invisalign Providers, which means we’ve helped hundreds of people transform their smile with Invisalign. Our expertise means you’ll get top quality care, peace of mind and a perfectly predictable outcome.

  • How much your insurance will cover for your treatment
    Depending on the level of coverage in your insurance policy, you may be eligible to make a claim towards the cost of your Invisalign treatment. We’ll dive into this a little later in the post, but if you want to jump straight down to that section: click here.
Diamond Invisalign Provided 2021
Delight Dental Spa are Diamond Elite Invisalign Providers, which means we’ve helped hundreds of people transform their smile with Invisalign

Want to work out a ballpark figure of how much your Invisalign may cost? The Invisalign cost calculator can help give you a more accurate price based on your unique circumstances.

How much do different types of Invisalign cost?


Our pearly whites can be wonderfully complex and no two smiles are the same. This is why there are a few different types of Invisalign products available. 

Your Invisalign price, the type of aligner trays you need and your treatment time will vary depending on whether you need a minor alignment or a more complex straightening solution.

At our Mascot dental clinic, we offer this basic guide on the average cost of Invisalign trays. Of course, these prices should be used as a general guide only. The total cost of your Invisalign treatment will depend on your individual circumstances.

Type of Invisalign i7 Lite Teen Full
Number of Aligners Up to 7 8-14 Dependent on case 15+
Estimated cost (from) $3,500 $4,000 $3,500 - 7,500 $6,000

Invisalign aligners
There’s a range of Invisalign products to suit every smile and your dentist will help you find which one is right for you

Invisalign is suitable for both teens and adults, with treatment options including:


A series of up to 7 Invisalign trays for the treatment of minor irregularities and misalignments over a period of less than six months.


Used for less complex

corrections and alignments, this type of Invisalign is designed to straighten the front six teeth in around six months.


To help keep teenage patients on track, Invisalign’s Teen aligners are designed with a blue dot wear indicator which shows how often they are being worn.


The original Invisalign treatment, designed as an alternative to traditional braces. This type is used for more complex or extensive orthodontic work.

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Not quite ready yet? Download our Invisalign guide to see some of our patients’ incredible before and after transformations.

What are my Invisalign repayment options?

If learning how much Invisalign costs has sent chills down your bank account’s spine, fear not! At Delight Dental Spa, we know your teeth and your financials aren’t always on the same page. That’s why we offer a number of payment plan options to get you smiling sooner.

With our flexible repayment options, you can spread out the cost of your Invisalign treatment over a number of months. Depending on the plan you choose, you’ll make easy weekly or fortnightly payment instalments. Plus, we have zero percent interest plans available so you don’t have to worry about being stung with additional fees.

If you want to work out a more accurate price for your treatment and repayments, you can also use this handy Invisalign cost calculator.

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Got a question about our Dental Payment Plans? Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Will my private health insurance cover Invisalign?

Patient discussing cost of invisalign
Your private health insurance may cover some of the cost of your Invisalign treatment

If your private health insurance has extras cover, you may be eligible to claim a rebate towards the cost of your Invisalign treatment. But first, there are a few things you must consider:


Be aware of your waiting period

If you only recently started your health insurance, you may need to undertake a waiting period of up to 12 months before you can claim for your Invisalign treatment.


Look at your orthodontic lifetime limit

Generally, Invisalign falls under orthodontics within your dental coverage. Orthodontic treatments are usually subject to a per-person lifetime limit, which is the maximum amount you can claim for a treatment for life. This means that if you’ve already used your lifetime limit for orthodontics, you won’t be able to claim for any further treatments — even if you switch health insurers down the line.


Don’t take your lifetime limit lightly

This is a very important factor to consider when making a claim on your Invisalign treatment. For the treatment to work effectively, you must commit to using the aligners correctly and regularly as per your dentist’s advice. If you don’t, you may end up unhappy with the result and may have to self-fund the entire amount for any future orthodontic work.


Talk to your insurer

Lifetime limits and policy inclusions can vary depending on your health fund and level of cover. Before beginning any dental or orthodontic work, we recommend that you talk to your insurer about your specific policy and whether your treatment will be covered.


Invisalign vs. braces? Let’s breakdown the costs

Right now, you may be trying to tackle the Invisalign vs. braces debate — and we know cost plays a huge part in your decision. So, let’s take a quick look at each option and the potential costs involved.

Invisalign $3,500 - $8,000
Traditional metal braces $5,900 - $8,000
Ceramic braces $6,000 - $8,500
Lingual braces From $8,000


On the one hand, you’ve got Invisalign. A barely-there, removable option that offers more flexibility and freedom to suit your lifestyle. People generally assume that Invisalign is the most expensive option for teeth straightening. But in some cases, Invisalign may end up being less expensive than traditional braces.



On the other hand, you have braces. And let’s face it — if you’re an adult or teen and you want to straighten your smile, you might be pretty apprehensive about this option. After all, a mouthful of metal is no one’s idea of a good time. But a short-term sacrifice is worth it for the smile of a lifetime, right? 

All braces are fixed to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. However, the different types of braces can vary greatly in cost:


Traditional metal braces

When it comes to the cost of braces, people usually assume that traditional metal braces are the cheapest option. But this isn’t always the case. One thing we do know for sure is that metal braces tend to be the most noticeable. Metal braces consist of stainless steel brackets and wires that are fixed to the outside of your teeth. This style of braces can take a while to get used to and the metal can irritate or cut up your lips and cheeks.


Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are slightly more expensive than metal braces. The main difference between the two is that these braces use brackets that are made out of white or clear ceramic. This means they blend in with your teeth a little better and are slightly less noticeable. But, much like metal braces, ceramic braces may also irritate the soft tissues of your mouth.


Lingual braces

Lingual braces are the most expensive of the braces bunch. This style generally takes longer to fit than the other types of braces too. Lingual braces consist of metal brackets and wires that are attached to the back of your teeth, instead of the front, making them far less visible. Like the other braces, lingual braces can take some time to get used to and may irritate your tongue.


Which price is right for you?

Still not sure how to choose between Invisalign or braces? Feeling a little confused by the pricing? We’ve got you!

Check out our simple Invisalign vs. braces cost comparison table below.

Invisalign $3,500 - $8,000
Traditional metal braces $5,900 - $8,000
Ceramic braces $6,000 - $8,500
Lingual braces From $8,000

Remember, not all clear aligners are created equal

A word to the wise: when considering the best clear aligner treatment for your teeth, cheaper is not better. 

We’ve seen so many clear aligner and teeth straightening options pop up in recent years. There are now even online companies offering at-home solutions where you don’t need to see a dentist to have your aligners fitted or monitored.

Patient being scanned with invisalign intraoral scanner
Delight Dental Spa uses the latest technology so you receive a safe, precise and predictable teeth straightening treatment

But we’re also seeing a lot of misinformation out there. This is making it harder for patients to make a well-informed decision. With so many grey areas, it’s no wonder you might be feeling a little confused about your options.

Sure, it may sound like there are cheaper alternatives offering the same product as Invisalign. But the way these other companies administer the treatment could see you paying for a lot more down the track.

Why? A few reasons…


It can be dangerous

If your teeth move too quickly or too much you could end up losing them altogether. Straightening your teeth is a major dental procedure. That’s why it’s recommended that you do so under the regular supervision of a dentist or orthodontist.

With most of the online aligner companies, your progress is only monitored remotely by a dentist and you are never required to attend an in-person visit. But, with Invisalign, your treatment is monitored and supervised by Australian licensed dentists through regular, in-person visits. This is the best way to ensure your teeth are safely on the move.


It can be ineffective for some cases

Most online aligner companies openly state that their aligner system is only suitable for minor to moderate misalignment or corrections. If you have more complex issues or major misalignments, you probably won’t be able to achieve the results you want with this style of treatment.

Invisalign is able to effectively work on minor to severe misalignments and bite corrections. You’ll also be working closely with an experienced dentist who can develop a more personalised plan for you. They can monitor your progress and adjust your treatment to ensure the best outcomes for your smile.


Treatment is often impersonal

When transforming your smile, you want to be completely wowed by the final outcome. Yet the aligners of most online companies are purely marketed to straighten teeth. That’s it. They cannot offer a more comprehensive solution that will deliver the real transformation wow-factor. 

With Invisalign, you’ll be able to receive a more personalised approach to treatment. Your dentist can help you achieve your perfect smile by combining your aligner treatment with other options, such as teeth whitening, composite veneers, gummy smile treatment, lip fillers and more.

Dr Alice explaining the process of invisalign to her patient
At Delight Dental Spa, we always take the time to get to know you and your vision for your smile so we can ensure you achieve your dream outcome

If something goes wrong, there’s nowhere to turn

Sure, the cost of other aligner treatments may be lower than Invisalign. But if your teeth get troublesome, will the savings be worth it? Without regular, in-person supervision from a dentist, small issues can turn into big problems fast. And you might find yourself forking out a lot more in future to fix any damage.

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. It certainly pays to have a professional by your side when things go awry. With Invisalign, you’ll have a skilful dentistry team on hand (and in-person) to help you if your treatment runs into any snags.


They don’t take x-rays of your teeth before creating your treatment plan

Without an x-ray, you won’t know if there is anything problematic going on beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. These underlying issues could have a significant impact on the effectiveness and success of your alignment treatment. 

At Delight Dental Spa, we always recommend that our patients have x-rays taken before discussing any teeth straightening treatment. This helps us to ensure we’re taking the right action for your teeth from day one.

Patient getting an xray
Our patient William getting an x-ray before his Invisalign treatment using the latest 3D technology

Don’t put your pearly whites (or your wallet) in danger of future issues. For more personalised treatment and peace of mind, it pays to work on your smile with your local dentist.


How does Invisalign work?

So, we’ve covered the average cost of Invisalign. We’ve explored the different types of trays and treatments. We’ve even ventured into the great Invisalign vs. braces debate… But how does Invisalign work exactly

Much like traditional metal braces, Invisalign aligners use gentle yet consistent pressure to straighten your teeth. But, instead of wires and brackets, they use a series of clear, plastic trays which are custom-made from impression moulds of your mouth.

Unlike braces, the trays are simply worn over your teeth for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. The best part? They can be removed whenever you need. This means you can enjoy the freedom to brush, floss, eat, drink or dazzle at that special event without braces holding you back.

Invisalign aligner trays are also virtually invisible and you’ll barely feel them, so you can flash those pearly whites with pride and confidence throughout your entire treatment.

Your dentist will check your aligner trays every 6-8 weeks as your teeth gradually move into their correct position. Your progress will be monitored with special software that can determine how to reposition your teeth for the best results.

Special software that help monitor the progress of your invisalign treatment
At Delight Dental Spa, we use special software to ensure your teeth are safely on the move into perfect position

The result? A discreet, flexible and predictable aligner treatment for all ages.

 The end-game? A beautiful straight smile for life.

Still have some niggling questions about the cost of Invisalign?


Hey, that’s what we’re here for!

At Delight Dental Spa, we know that choosing to straighten your smile is a huge decision. In fact, it’s life-changing. So, we want you to feel totally comfortable and confident from day dot.

If you have any questions about Invisalign, the costs involved or what to expect from this type of treatment, ask away. We’d love to hear from you.

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