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Early orthodontics mean no child has to miss out on great teeth

Great kids don’t always get

great teeth

You love your children, and thinking about early intervention orthodontics is just one of a thousand ways you show it. 

Since the moment you knew they were on the way, you’ve worried about every aspect of their health.  Including their dental health. 

Left untreated, orthodontic issues in children can lead to a host of problems that have even worse consequences down the track. 

That can mean recurrent ear or respiratory infections, mouth-breathing, vertical facial growth, bruising under the eyes, bed wetting, visual disturbances or incorrect speech and swallow patterns.

Parenting is hard enough without adding those to your list of things to deal with. 

Prevention is simple: regular children’s dentistry check-ups and early age orthodontic treatments are the answer.

Experts in kids’ main dental problem: trusting the dentist

Let’s face facts: the majority of adults don’t love going to the dentist - maybe you’re not a fan yourself. So it’s a big ask that your kids will feel fine about it. And the team at Delight Dental Spa know that because we were kids once too, who had bad experiences at the dentist. So we've changed things up.

We use anxiety-reducing techniques specially designed for children.
We take time to explain properly and answer questions you didn’t even know you had!
Our practice is designed to be welcoming, comfortable and relaxing for all ages. 

Children’s orthodontics can prevent
years of pain

With kids, there are plenty of things that can go wrong at every age. But orthodontic treatment for children offers a solution to many problems.
Some common childhood problems include jaw misalignment, overcrowded or over-spaced teeth, protruding, extra or missing teeth and jaw growth issues. 

Catching these when your child is young gives them the best chance of having well-proportioned jaws and facial harmony, and avoiding treatment that drags on into their teens or adulthood. In many cases, teeth don’t even need to be removed to get all the benefits. 

Early age orthodontics can save your child years of discomfort, and save you time and money.

Children's orthodontic process

Three steps to making great teeth happen for your child

Easily book an appointment online for a time that suits you and your child
We will assess facial growth, abnormalities and orthodontic conditions
Get a custom care plan including cost, duration and how many visits you’ll need

Children's orthodontic consult cost
Consult: $129

We accept all major health funds and HICAPS is available for on-the-spot rebates.

We want everyone to be able to benefit from our premium treatments and especially not to delay early intervention orthodontics for children. So we offer various payment plan options to allow you to get your child on the road to excellent health today.

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Get all the information you need on pricing, health funds and the application process for our flexible payment plans.

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