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Dental Crowns at Delight Dental Spa

At Delight Dental Spa, our custom porcelain dental crowns are an excellent solution for protecting your smile. Sometimes called “caps”, crowns slip over your remaining tooth structure, protecting it up to the gumlines.

Illustration of dental crownYou may need a crown if your tooth has experienced:

  • A large fracture
  • Recent root canal treatment
  • Older, larger fillings that need to be replaced
  • Excessive wear
  • Large cavities
  • Structural damage that prevents veneer treatment

Restoring and Enhancing Your Smile

While crowns are made to repair your teeth and restore normal function, they also work to accentuate the appearance of your smile. Each crown is custom designed for the best shade and shape to blend in with the ones around it.

Crowns can also be placed on top of dental implants if you need to replace a missing tooth.

Your Treatment Experience

Having a crown made will require two separate appointments to complete. During your first visit, we’ll use The Wand® painless anaesthesia delivery to numb the tooth being treated. Next, we’ll reshape the remaining structure so that a crown can fit over it. Finally, we’ll take an impression of the prepped tooth to send to our lab, where your crown will be made by hand.

Your permanent porcelain crown will be ready to try in and bond over your tooth about two weeks later. In the meantime, we’ll fit you with a temporary crown to reduce any discomfort or possible wear.

Caring for Your Crown

We want your new crown to last for several years. Wearing a night guard can help to avoid unwanted chipping in the enamel. It’s also important to floss around your crown daily, especially along the margin where the crown meets your tooth. Proper flossing will not cause a stable crown to fall out but not flossing could cause your crown to fail due to new tooth decay around it.

Custom White Dental Crowns

Schedule an exam with our gentle dentist to learn more about our cosmetic crowns and painless dentistry.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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