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Perfect your smile quickly and affordably
with composite veneers

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If your smile just needs a tweak, why get a

pricey, complex remake?

Composite veneers may already be on your radar if you’ve been dreaming of an Insta-perfect smile but aren’t up for a lengthy, permanent treatment process. And you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars. 

Your smile isn’t even that far off - maybe the shade isn’t quite dream-worthy, or there’s a chip here and a gap there. Or it’s not as straight as you’d like. But you’re not ready to sign up for anything that takes several visits, or that changes your teeth permanently. 

Composite veneers can give you the look you’re after, in one easy visit. It’s a quick, affordable way to the fabulous smile you know is in there.

Composite veneers give you a dazzling smile - on the spot!

No matter how you feel about the shape, size or colour of your teeth when you come in, you can leave feeling fabulous. Our experienced team will craft your new smile right here in just one visit.

A more glamorous smile in just one visit
No cutting down of healthy teeth means virtually no discomfort
A brilliantly-affordable way to get that gorgeous smile

Composite veneers: before


Don’t believe you can perfect your smile in one visit? Check out these real-life patients, before and after composite veneers.


Composite veneers make a great smile so easy

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The beauty of composite veneers is how simple the process is. Of course it takes expert craftsmanship to create them, but minimum to no preparation of your teeth is needed. 

Your teeth get the optimal shape and shade for the look you want to achieve thanks to soft resin material that hardens under a UV light. 

With expert handcrafting, the resin adds length to teeth that are worn down or too short, restore chipped teeth or fill in gaps between teeth. And they can brighten discoloured teeth.

Composite veneers process

Three steps to your great new smile

Book your consultation online at a time that suits you
Come in and tell us everything you want to change about your smile
We design and deliver your fabulous dream smile in one visit!

How much do composite veneers cost?
From $600 per veneer

We accept all major health funds and HICAPS is available for on-the-spot rebates.

We want everyone to be able to benefit from our premium dental treatments and luxurious dental spa experience. So we offer various payment plan options to allow you to start enjoying your new smile today.

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Have a question about composite veneers at Delight Dental Spa?

What are composite veneers?

Composite veneers are made of a soft resin that comes in many different tooth shades. Your dentist applies it to the teeth in layers to achieve the perfect shape. The resin fills in gaps or spaces between teeth, smooths over chipped or broken teeth, and lengthens teeth that look too short or are worn down. Once your dentist has ironed all the flaws out of your smile, the resin is cured using a harmless UV light, and becomes hard and durable.

Are composite veneers as hard as natural teeth?

Composite resin is very hard once it’s been cured with UV light in the chair, but the truth is nothing is as hard as natural teeth. You can have a protective guard made to ensure your new smile stays safe if you grind your teeth at night.

What's the difference between composite vs porcelain veneers?

Composite veneers are different to porcelain veneers in a few ways. As with any comparison, each treatment has its pros and cons. Composite veneers can be made by your dentist while you’re in the chair and you’re all done in one visit. A technician makes porcelain veneers in a laboratory, and because they’re permanent they require a few appointments.

Similarly, when you have composite veneers, your original teeth stay pretty much as they were (the dentist may reshape them slightly or polish them so that the resin can bond to them). But when you have porcelain veneers, the dentist reshapes your original teeth before applying the porcelain. Composite veneers last about 5-7 years as they will eventually wear and discolour, while porcelain veneers last about 15-20 years and will not wear and will retain their original shade. 

This is reflected in the cost of composite veneers compared to porcelain veneers. Composites veneers are generally used to fix minor issues on the spot, rather than for complete smile makeovers.

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