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Family Braces at Delight Dental Spa

Happy, smiling teenagersAs your family’s comprehensive dental provider, we’re able to offer in-house orthodontics for children. Enjoy convenient, quality care in a relaxed setting with providers you already know and trust.

Does My Child Need Braces?

Young smiles play a crucial role in the developmental patterns of the adult teeth that eventually replace them. From the health of your child’s teeth to the way they’re aligned, everything from their speech patterns to the alignment of their permanent smile is affected.

If we pinpoint irregularities in your child’s biting patterns, early intervention and orthodontic corrections can help to reduce significant tooth misalignment later on.

Treatments Offered

Some of the types of childhood orthodontic therapies that we offer include:

  • Conventional braces
  • Space maintainers
  • Expansion devices
  • Thumb-sucking aids
  • Growth modification resources

Child Dental Benefits Schedule Accepted

Delight Dental Spa happily accepts all government schemes, including the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. With CDBS, qualifying children receive up to $1000 in qualifying oral health treatments every two years. This includes everything from braces to scale and cleans to fillings and exams.

Giving your child the gift of a straighter smile can help to lower their risk of tooth decay and gum disease later on! A properly aligned smile works more efficiently and is easier to care for than teeth that are crowded.

Schedule an Orthodontic Evaluation by Age 7

Orthodontic experts recommend all children receive an evaluation of their bite by the age of 7. At this point, your son or daughter will have a combination of both adult and baby teeth, providing us with an insight as to potential bite issues that need to be addressed. Intervening early allows for less-invasive treatments that enable us to avoid potentially severe malocclusion (tooth and jaw misalignment) as your child gets older.

New Patients Welcome

Does your child need braces? Schedule an orthodontic consultation with our family dentist today.

* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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