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A great dental hygiene routine is key to a dazzling, healthy smile. But managing what you eat and drink is equally important! The foods and drinks we consume play a large role in our dental health and the appearance of our teeth. 

5 Foods You Didn’t Know Where Damaging Your Teeth

Most of you will be aware of the main culprits for causing havoc with our teeth, i.e. soft drinks, lollies and ice cream! But here are 5 foods that are bad for your teeth, that might catch you by surprise. 

Diet Soft Drinks

Whilst we often consider diet soft drinks as a healthy choice, this is not the case, even when it comes to our teeth. Soft drinks cause considerable damage to our teeth. Unfortunately, there is little difference in the damage done to our enamel by their diet counterparts. 

Soft drinks and diet soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, known for its ability to restore heavy metals to their former, sparkly glory. So, you can only imagine what it does to the delicate layers of our tooth enamel.

It’s no secret that water is the healthiest beverage choice you can make. 


Fruit is full of immunity-boosting nutrients that help keep us healthy. It’s not all good news with fruit, though. The large amounts of acids and sugars found in most fruits can do damage to our enamel if left to linger on our teeth. This is particularly true in the cases of fruit juices, as opposed to whole fruits. 

The sugar found in fruit is responsible for nourishing the bacteria that slowly eats away at our enamel. It has also been discovered that our enamel is softened by the acids found in fruit. It is not regenerative, so it’s important to take good care of it.

Fruits lower in acidity and sugars do exist, for example, peaches, plums, and dark berries. Doing a quick mouth rinse with water after consuming fruit is a good way to minimise the amount of sugar and acid that remains on your teeth.


Who doesn’t like tucking into some freshly popped popcorn alongside a Netflix binge? As delicious as it is, it pays to be aware of its darker side, in terms of your teeth, and eat it moderately and carefully. 

Biting down hard onto a corn kernel is enough to crack or chip a tooth! What’s more, the shell-like outer layers of corn kernels can very easily become lodged between your teeth and gums, which encourages tooth decay.

Of course, we’d never suggest that you stop eating popcorn. But be sure to have a good floss afterwards… and watch out for those hard kernels! 


This one usually comes as a surprise to most. Bread and its starchy associates like pasta, rice and chips are harmful to your teeth. The reason for this comes down to the fact that when chewing, your saliva breaks down these ‘simple carbohydrates’ into sugars. 

As mentioned, the bacteria in your mouth feed on these sugars and as a result produce the acid which is the main cause of tooth decay. A good way of minimising these harmful effects is to choose whole-wheat and other less refined options of these types of foods. 

Sour Lollies 

It’s no revelation that lollies are bad for your teeth. But, did you know that the sour ones do the most damage? The sour variety consists of acids that are more harmful on your teeth, and that come in larger amounts. 

Given the chewy nature of lollies, the remnants of them tend to stick around on your teeth and in your mouth, speeding up the tooth decay process. 

Our dentists recommend that to satisfy a craving for sweets, you reach for a square of chocolate rather than a chewy sweet. Chocolate is quicker to chew and swallow and washes away well with a quick rinse or drink of water! 

In Conclusion 

As you can see, there are a few surprising candidates on the ‘bad for your teeth’ foods list. However, most of them come with reasonable alternatives. 

At Delight Dental Spa, we believe in healthy moderation. You can take preventative measures against havoc-wreaking plaque by limiting your consumption of the above-mentioned foods rather than completely cutting them out. 

Apart from making sensible food and beverage choices, maintaining a great dental health routine that involves twice-daily brushing, flossing and regular dental visits is the best way to keep your mouth healthy and happy!